Fly to the Sky Vol. 7 “No Limitations”

First Hit…

Track 2 “My angel”

This appears to be the best performance for Brian. Hwan Hee sounded a bit slow here. Wondering if it was his headphone, or his feeling a bit overwhelmed by the audience right after his plastic surgery.

Hwan Hee was in his usual self here, but Brian sounded so tired. And nice props =)

Wouldn’t have thought of such a collaboration. J’s voice was just soooo pretty and mixed so well into the song. Love her =)
Updated 22 Oct 2009

First hit from the album. This is the song which people will like it the first time they hear it because of the memorable chorus. I like the fact that real strings are used in the background, though people may argue that background strings may not really matter in R&B music as the rhythmic effects often cover other sounds. Try listening to song once and only focus on the strings part, you’ll notice that it is beautifully written as well.

Hwanhee’s falsetto and decorative singing is pretty impressive too. In the last chorus, with raised key after the bridge (3:29-3:32), Hwanhee was playing around the three notes “do-re-mi”. Everyone would have thought that he would end in “do”, instead he went on finished by “do…re-mi-re-do-la.”.

There’s an interesting point to note in the melody of the verses as well. If you sing the first line of the verse in sol-fa names, it will sound “me-la-ti-do’-do’-do’-do’-TE-la-so-so”. “Te” is half step lower than “ti” (or b7 in musical notation). I guess this helps make the melody line sound a bit special =)

Some nice ballads…

Track 9 The third day

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Track 4 Although I can’t have it

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Track 6 The one left behind

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“The third day”is the other slow ballad I like after “My Angel”. Pretty standard arrangement… the key is raised twice after the bridge, but of course, this is not a problem for both singers. Nothing special about the song actually… just got hooked to the repetition of “do-re-do-so” in the chorus ^^”

All three song have nice intro and outro with piano and strings… and pleasant tunes too… should become quite popular in karaoke =)

(P.S. I put the songs in order of my own preference, just so that it’s easier for me to write this way.)

Songs that cheer you up…

Track 12 Pretty today too

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Track 11 I still love you

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Both songs sound very positive to me. Perhaps that’s why the arranger throws in a gospel choir in “I still love you” =) “Pretty today too” has a faster tempo… the song title suits the mood of the song well ^^”

The sad songs…

Track 1 I love you

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Track 10 Don’t marry

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“I love you” also features a beautiful strings opening ^^” What’s most interesting about this song is its instrumentation. Doesn’t it sound like the slow ballads of Carpenters in the 1970s? All sounds are from real instruments (trumpet and electric guitar, bass guitar, piano etc.). The arranger abandoned the usual computer-generated drum beats and went for the drum set this time. A sad melody… and the lyrics suit it well. The bridge, which sounds more major-ish, is just in time to save me from delving into deeper sadness =)

“Don’t marry” is a song either you get addicted to it or you hate it =) It is similar to their old song “Like a man” in its depth of sadness communicated through the song. As opposed to the anger pouring out in “Like a man”, I hear more of loneliness and self pity in “Don’t marry”. Lots of dissonance (chromatics and diminished chords) used in this song, especially in the chorus. Personally I don’t like this song… I always try to avoid these feelings =)

P.S. I really admire the effective use of sequences and repetition in the construction of the melody in “Like a man”. This sounds really well with the circle of fifths used in the harmony.

Track 3 Grain of memory

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Track 5 Please hate me

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Both songs are in 6/8 time, which is a relatively less used time signature (This means instead of counting 1-2-3-4 in a 4/4 time song, you count 1-2-3-4-5-6). Nice, full harmony in the chorus and cool guitar solo in “Grain of memory”. Brian’s falsetto singing in “Please hate me” sounds a bit too coarse. Personally I don’t like it. It’s funny how singers who have deep voices like Hwanhee and Park Hyo Shin have beautiful, refined falsetto voice but singers, like Brian, who have a bright, clear voice in their usual vocal range, has a coarsely sounding falsetto.

The exciting fast songs…

Track 7 Let’s get it on

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Track 8 Man to Man

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Track 13 Kissing you

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Track 14 Casual love

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I like “Let’s get in on” best in this album. Close in style to the younger boy groups nowadays… (I’m thinking of TVSQ ^^”) It would be a waste if this song is not to be plugged on the radio… This song is really cool… pleasant melody, interesting rhythm (with various syncopated patterns), arrangement well thought out…

The song starts with just the first line of the pre-chorus, which creates curiosity from listeners. This is followed by a crescendo (gradually getting louder) of the basic beat which leads to the verse. Then comes a gradual building up of texture/complexity…

  • (0:05) Basic beat in the bass and clapping on the weak beats;
  • (0:24) Adding tambourine and repeating melodic figure by computer generated sound;
  • (0:43) Adding of guitar strumming;
  • (1:20) Chorus with all different sounds together;
  • (1:39) Interlude with guitar solo, then a second guitar joining in harmony;
  • (1:57) 2nd verse – Adding of human voice “ow-ow”;
  • (2:33) Hwanhee’s decorative singing;
  • (3:11) Drop out – only basic beat remaining, Hwanhee and Brian singing in harmony in the background, repetition of the phrase “get it tonight” …a reduction of complexity to end =)

I have a feeling that the lyrics of “Man to man” will be interesting… I just like the kind of beat (heavy bass on the 1st and 3rd beats, with clapping on the weak beats)… sounds really cool… The block chords of the piano somehow remind me of Utada Hikaru’s (宇多田光) “Paint it black” of her 1st album … Some interesting combination of sounds here… the repeating figure of the flute, the funny sounds of electric guitars, and trumpet calls in crescendo =) I like Brian’s animated singing in this track.

“Kissing you” – A sweet song… have a nice tune to the chorus… just can’t get the melody out of my head for a while =) I do think this kind of light-hearted song suits Brian’s voice well ^^ I enjoy this song much more than the fast songs in his solo album, like“Balyae balyae”… it would be nice if he tries writing more songs for his solo albums to come^^ By the way, the style of this song sounds very much like Exile (a Japanese R&B group) to me…

“Casual love” – This song is cool, and so is the way it is sung. Not a fast song really… more of a medium tempo. The fact that the melodic line always ends in “do” in the chorus, and also in the piano accompaniment, makes the song special. The vocal imitation of different percussive sounds is interesting too.

Track list retrieved from

  1. Saranghae (사랑해 I love you) (Ha Jung-ho)
  2. My Angel (Kang Hwa-Seong, Cho Kyu-Man)
  3. Gieok Han Joom (기억 한 줌 Grain of Memory) (Lee Sang-in, Hong Ji-Yoo)
  4. Gajilsu Eopseodo (가질 수 없어도 Although I can’t have it) (Hwang Se-Jun, Kang Eun-Kyung)
  5. Miwohaejwo (미워해 줘 Please hate me (PJ, Kang Eun-Kyung)
  6. Namgyeojin Saram (남겨진 사람 The One Left Behind) (Cho Kyu-Man)
  7. Let’s Get It On (MNI Min-Jae)
  8. Man 2 Man (Kim Tae-Hyun, Cha Sang-Min)
  9. Sebeonjjae Nal (3번째 날 The third day) (Kim Jin Hwan, Choi Kwan Won)
  10. Gyeolhon Hajima (결혼하지마 Don’t marry) (Cho Kyu-Man)
  11. Geuraedo Saranghabnida (그래도 사랑합니다 I still love you) (Feat. 헤리티지) (Lee Hyun-Seung, Kim Jin-Yong)
  12. Oneuldo Eepeungeol (오늘도 이쁜걸 작곡 Pretty today too) (Hwang Se-Jun, Choi Kab-Won)
  13. Kissing You (Feat. Issac Squab Of Trespass)(Composed by Cho Joon Young and Brian Joo; lyrics by Cho Joon Young)
  14. Gabyeo-oon Sarang (가벼운 사랑 Casual love) (Feat. 현무 & TKO Of Trespass) (Cho Joon-Young and Fany Hwang)

3 thoughts on “Fly to the Sky Vol. 7 “No Limitations”

  1. Personally, I think their latest album – No limitation is the best. This album at first, didn’t catch my attention, but after listening few times, it kinda grow on me. The album has variety. Not only concentrating at Ballads alone but other type of songs. I love it. Their songs has matured.. Just love them more.. especially HWANHEE.!!

  2. Apart from ‘My Angel’, I like track 7 and track 13 best.
    It’s such a waste that they choose “Sa lang hae” as their 2nd plug… The melody isn’t that special and it’s far too slow and less exciting than the other R&B ballads FTTS have. It might be a better strategy that they plug this song when Hwanhee’s drama is on.

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