Review of Big Bang – “거짓말(Lie)”

I don’t like the song the first time I hear it, coz I’m so used to the pop / R&B sounds of the other Korean boy groups. On hearing the song again, I’m pretty fascinated by the profusion of musical elements in the song. I guess it’s best to classify the song as in the style of House music, with additional elements of Trance music as well as rapping and toasting.

House music originates from disco music of the 80s. Compared to Techno and Trance, which are also under the umbrella of electronic dance music, House has apparently slower tempo. One recent Techno song on the chart is Typhoon’s “Just then / Only you”.  While Techno and Trance emphasizes synthetic sounds, House tends to focus on effects of live music. It is also common for House music to incorporate elements of Black and Latin music. In Big Bang’s “Lie”, rapping (Hiphop) and toasting (Reggae) are employed.

I guess everyone knows how disco music sounds like ^^” – Must be in 4/4 time, with heavy bass, and there’s the kickdrum / bass drum on every beat. There are also the hit-hat cymbals on the 2nd half of each beat, with clapping sounds on the 2nd and 4th beat, and often vocals are reverb-enhanced. These are all characteristics of House music, and you can find all these in Big Bang’s “Lie”.

“Lie” also possesses elements of Trance music. Central to Trance is repetition, and one prominent feature of this song is the repetition of the piano melody. This repeating melodic phrase is mainly in pentatonic, which is characteristic of traditional Chinese and Korean music. In sol-fa names, that’s doh, re, me, so, la. (It’s pretty unfair to accuse G. Dragon for copying a Japanese song since there’s this unique sound in all pentatonic compositions, and that the piano melody is only 4 bars long.)

Another quality of Trance music is its blurred tonality – i.e. you can’t tell whether is in a major key or minor key. (“Lie” appears to be in Eb minor, but there is an unrelated Db major chord in the chord sequence: Ebm – Db – Bb – Ebm – Ebm/Db bass.) Breakdown or drop-out is often employed in Trance as well. With drop-out, the bulk of sounds is dropped, leaving behind the basic beat and/or the basic chord sequence. In “Lie”, only synthesizer strings (plus vocal) are left in the drop-out initially. This thinning of texture serves to create tension and expectation on the dance floor.

Snare drum rolls are yet another characteristic of Trance music. These rolls in crescendo (=gradually getting louder) usually appear to mark important moments of the song. For example, at the end of the drop-out when the chorus is about to come back.

My apology if all this technical stuff has bored you ^^” but I do hope these tips will help you better appreciate the song. Below is the rundown of the different elements presented in the song. Perhaps you could challenge yourself a little bit and see if you can pick up all of them.

4:27-4:12 1st appearance of the piano melody; Synthesizer chords
4:13-3:57 addition of hithat cymbals; spoken lyrics
3:56-3:41 addition of kickdrum sound; rap
3:40-3:33 (vocal) counter-melody
3:32-3:26 Rap; drum roll
3:25-2:55 Chorus, clap sound on 2nd and 4th beats, synthetic sounds in background
2:54-2:42 Toasting, piano melody, clap sounds dropped
2:41-2:39 drum roll
2:38-2:32 Rap, clap sounds
2:31-2:28 (vocal) counter-melody
2:27-       Rap continued
2:28-2:25 drum roll
2:24-1:54 Chorus
1:53-1:39 Drop-out (drums & bass dropped)
1:38-1:27 Piano melody, hit-hat cymbals added
1:26-1:23 Bass added, drum roll
1:22-0:51 Chorus
Ending – album version (Bass dropped, reverb of synthetic sounds dying down)

House music
Trance music
Pops in Seoul – Hot Topic


거짓말 Big Bang

[Phone rings twice]
Female voice: Yeo bo se yo? (x2) [Sigh]

Yeah (love is pain)
I dedicate to my brokenhearted people (come again)
I saw the flame (yeah) Yeah, scream my name (damn)
And I’m so sick of love song(s) (love song x2)
Yeah I hate them love song(s), memento of ours
Geo jid mal

늦은 밤 비가 내려와 널 데려와
Neujeun bam bi ga nae lyeo wa neol de lyeo wa
A late night and rain’s falling down
젖은 기억 끝에 뒤척여 나
Jeojeun gi eog ggeute dwi cheog gyeo na
I bring you back from my memories
너 없이 잘 살 수 있다고 다짐 해봐도 어쩔 수 없다고
Neo eobshi jal sal su idd da go
da jim hae bwa do eo jjeol su eobd da go
I promised myself I would be fine without you but I can’t help it
못하는 술도 마시고 속타는 맘 밤새 채워봐도 싫어
Motha neun sul do ma shi go
sog ta neun mam bam sae chae wo bwa do shilheo
I take in liquor which I don’t even know how to handle, trying to fill my empty heart
너 없는 하루는 길어 빌어 제발 잊게 해달라고.. (거짓말이야)
Neo eobd neunha lu neun kileo bileo
je bal ij ge hae dal la go (Geo jid mali ya)
A day without you is too long, I pray that I may please forget you (that’s a lie..)

너 없는 내겐 웃음이 보이지 않아
Neo eobd neun nae gen useum mi bo i ji anha
Without you, happiness cannot be found in me
눈물조차 고이지 않아 더는 살고 싶지 않아..
Nun mul jo cha go i ji anha
deo neun sal go ship ji anha
I can’t even shed any tears, I don’t want to live anymore..

엿같애 열받게 니 생각에 돌아버릴것 같애
Yeod gatae yeol bad ge
ni saeng gage dola beo lil geod gatae
This is bullsh**; its pissing me off; I’m going crazy in thoughts of you
보고 싶은데 볼 수가 없데 모두 끝났데
Bo go shipeun de bol su ga eobd de
mo du ggeut nadd de
I want to see you, but I’m being told that I can’t; that it’s all over
I’ll be right there

I’m so sorry but I love you
다 거짓말 이야 몰랐어 이제야 알았어 네가 필요해
Da geo jid mal
i ya mol lasseo i je ya al lasseo
ne ga pilyo hae
it’s all a lie / I didn’t know, but I know now that I need you
I’m so sorry but I love you
날카로운 말 홧김에 나도 모르게 널 떠나보냈지만
Nal ka lo-un mal
hwad gime na do mo leu ge
neol ddeo na bo naedd ji man
out of anger, I pushed you away with those piercing words without realizing
I’m so sorry but I love you
다 거짓말
Da geo jid mal
it’s all a lie
I’m so sorry (sorry)
but I love you (I love you more and more)
I’m so sorry but I love you
나를 떠나 천천히 잊어줄래 내가 아파할 수 있게
Na leul ddeo na cheon cheonhi ijeo jul lae
nae ga a pa hal su idd ge
will you leave and forget me slowly, so I can be in pain

그댈 위해서 불러왔던 내 모든 걸 다 바친 노래
Geu dael wi hae seo pul leo wadd deon nae mo deun geol da ba chin no rae
I dedicated my all into this song for you
사람들은 모르겠죠
Sa lam deuleun mo leu gedd jyo
other people probably don’t know
난 혼자.. 그 아무도 아무도 몰래
Nan hon ja geu a mu do a mu do mol lae
by myself, without anyone knowing
그래 내가 했던 말은 거짓말
Keu lae nae ga haedd deon maleun geo jid mal
yeah, those words I said were lies
홀로 남겨진 외톨이 그 속에 헤메는 내 꼴이
Hol lo nam gyeo jin woe toli geu soge he me neun nae ggoli
A loner left behind all alone; and me lost in the midst of it all
주머니 속에 꼬깃꼬깃 접어둔 이별을 향한 쪽지(hey)
Ju meo ni soge ggo gid ggo gid
cheobeo dun i byeoleul hyang han jjog ji (hey)
the break up letter that’s wrinkled and folded up in my pocket (hey)
넌 어딨나요 널 부르는 습관도
Neon eo didd na yo neol bu leu neun seub gwan do
and my habit of calling for you and wondering where you are
난 달라질래 이젠 다 웃어넘길게
Nan dal la jil lae i jen da useo neom gil ge
I’m gonna change. I’ll laugh everything off from now on.


oh oh oh oh oh
모든게 꿈이길
Mo deun ge ggumi gil
Wish all that happens is a dream
oh oh oh oh oh
이것밖에 안되는 나라서
I geod bagge an doe neun na la seo
I have only this wish
(Drop that beat)

아직도 너를 못 잊어
A jig do neo leul mod ijeo
I still can’t forget you
아니 평생을 가도 죽어서까지도
A ni pyeong saeng eul ga do jugeo seo gga ji do, yeah
no, I don’t think I ever will, even till the day I die
내가 준 상처 아물었는지
Nae ga jun sang cheo a muleodd neun ji
Did the wound I gave you heal
미안해 아무것도 해준게 없는 나라서
Mi an hae a mu geod do hae jun ge eobd neun na la seo
I’m sorry because I never got to do anything for you

…Bye bye

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Romanization by

Chinese version of this post:

Chinese translation of lyrics:








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  1. hi my name is bumdari. first time i like this song and i saw a movie my name is sam so i know abuot this band and i love all songs and i always fan of bigbang and i am from Mongolia. ok bye see ya!!!!!!!!

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