I only know about Lee Seung Hwan/李承煥 from Tei’s impersonation of him on Xman   Fell in love with his “천일동안(For 1000 days)” straight away. I guess this is what you call ‘classics’ or ‘evergreens’ coz the song is still great considering its well-received melody, beautiful arrangement, and Lee’s expressive singing, despite the fact that it was released 12 years ago.

Nice to know that he’s still around in the Kpop scene and has just released a new single. Like his slow ballad best. Here’s the MV:

이승환 – “내 맘이 안 그래 (Nae mami an geu lae)”
Lee Seung Hwan – “My heart isn’t like that”

Track 2 / Mini album “Mallang” / Released 1 Nov 2007

Nice arrangement. Love the waltz-like intro and the syncopated piano chords in the interlude.


이승환 – “천일동안 (Cheon il dong an)”
Lee Seung Hwan – “For 1000 days”

Live on KBS2 YDH Love Letter – 2007.05.04

Track 1 / Album “Human” / Released June 1995

The video did not include the first part of the song. It’s a pity we can’t hear the buildup in volume and intensity. Nonetheless, it’s too good not to post up =) Lee does not have a very powerful sort of voice, but I guess it’s the versatility and his gush of emotions that touch the audience. That’s quite confronting for me actually… ^^”







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  1. Lee Seung Hwan has always been known to be a great balledeer and his ‘live’ singing in concerts is one of a kind. He may not have a strong powerful voice but his live singing can bring audiences to highs… This song, a pretty old one called 변해가는 그대, which he usually sings in concerts is a great example of what I mean. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuEkMrNjC7o) It’s deceptively slow at the beginning but it builds up … :)

  2. Wow…that was great. Thanks G for your sharing. I wonder how Lee Seung Hwan managed to maintain his smooth singing voice for his ballads with all this growling and stretching of his voice to the limit ^^” Glad to know that both he and Chae LIm are doing well in the show business. I looooove ‘Dalja’s Spring’ ^-^

  3. Hello! I’m desperately looking for the English translation of For 1000 Days, because I’m in love with it but don’t know what it means… As absurd as it sounds. Could you please help me out?

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