Have been trying to search for new songs from Se7en, but only manage to find his Japanese singles. Don’t really like his 2nd single released this year… Well, here’s a video of him, singing live on NHK Music Japan. Can’t help thinking that he will make a good ballad singer =) …he’s great without dancing actually.

Se7en – “会いたい(Aitai / I want to meet you)”
Track 1 / 5th Japanese Single “会いたい” / Released 28 March 2007


…And it reminds me of this song.

Exile – “ただ…逢いたくて(Tada…aitakute / Want to meet you)”
Released 14 Dec 2005 / Album “ただ…逢いたくて” / Title track
MV featuring 田中幸太朗 and 奥田恵梨華

The first lines of both songs are pretty similar, and so are the song titles =) Both Dong Wan and Hye Sung sang this song in their fan meetings in Japan. Comments on Youtube have been pretty critical of the renditions of the two Shinwa members. Personally I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s just that the original is too good ^0^ Though I like Dong Wan’s voice more, Hye Sung seems to be better at peforming live.


P.S. Just found out the more recent songs released by Exile, after Shun left. Was quite perplexed about Shun’s leaving the group, but this song (Sowelu, Exile, Doberman Inc – “24 Karats ~Type S~”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duBqiK04-ZQ) released in August this year, seems to give a clue to his departure…

The music’s good… Have no problems to just listen to the recording… but the MV does raise my eyebrows. Sowelu dressed far too little… This makes her look cheap rather then sexy…







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