Can’t get enough of the heartwarming, romantic ballads now that the Christmas season is coming up. Here are two of my all-time favourites and both songs feature the oboe.

Tim – “사랑합니다 (Sa lang hab ni da / I love you)”
Track 1 / Vol. 1 “First 영민” / Released 21 Apr 2003


Live on YDH Love Letter (16 Nov 2007)

So bad..a person like you..
Why did you take my heart without my permission?
I’m living with so much difficulty
But you don’t even know.

I know.. that it’s not me
That I’m not worthy enough for even a blink of your eye
But sometimes can’t you share your smile with me too?
Even if it’s not love

*Please turn back just once sometime
If I wait endlessly like this today
Again it’s the one word in my heart that I can’t keep inside
I love you

Yesterday, I lay my head on my desk
And I think I fell asleep grieving for you
When I opened my eyes, the tears had smudged
Your name and hopeless doodles
As I look at your back image
which I got so used to
I say those silent tear-like words,
I love you

Translated by
Taken from


Tei – “사랑은…하나다 (Sa lang eun ha na da / Love is once)”
Track 2 / Vol. 2 “Ucu Pra Cacia” / Released 1 Feb 2005

Live on SBS Inkigayo (30 Jan 2005)

Tei looked a bit tired in this performance and didn’t reach a couple of the high notes, which he normally does with ease. Here’s the link to the MV for comparison.

In fact, it is one of my favourite music videos =) For one thing, it matches the lyrics really nicely and looks great in black and white. Like it best for its symbolic nature.

Even if I try to block my heart, my tears burst through.
As much as my tears, that person fills my heart.
The sad, wordless tears that I shed yesterday
Now fall the words that it’s over.
I don’t know anything but the sky.
Because I thought it was that person’s voice
and that person’s footsteps,
I ran out barefooted.
Surprised, I turn around even though
I’m hurt again because I keep lying to myself.

*Time, go ahead first. I think I’ll be a little late.
I’m gonna stay here a little more and wait.
Like how life is just one, during the time I live,
that person is one, love is one. I don’t even budge. Even if my head
always forgets the memories, my heart can’t forget.
For it will hastily push away the memories that
come like how a magnet attaches to the south pole.

I’m sick of this kind of me too.
Sometimes because I felt a tremble, I childishly resented that person too.
However, sadly and apologetically, I don’t know how to share love.

Love, just stay here. Only then will I be able to breathe.
Even if the flowers don’t bloom or there’s no fragrance,
it’s okay.. it’s okay..
Even if I live acting like I’m sick, I’m happy.
It may be too late to say… but thank you, for coming to me.

Translated by Jungie
Taken from








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