On R&B groups…

V.O.S. – “매일매일”
Live on KBS2 Music Bank (14 Sep 2007)

One of their early performances of the song. Can see that they were truly enjoying their performance. The unique voice of each member was showcased. Beautiful harmony and falsetto… very natural and never too forceful. Can’t help noticing the later the performances, the more tired their voices are.

Great tune… it’s so catchy that it just won’t go away in my head =) I like in particular how the arrangement is reminiscent of 90s pop. Wouldn’t recognize the song as in the style of R&B if I don’t listen carefully enough to the underlying hithat cymbal sounds in 16th and 32nd notes.


Fly to the Sky – “My Angel”
Live on SBS Inkigayo – Comeback Special (1 July 2007)

Love the beat. The flattened 7th sounds pretty special too (First line of the verses: mi-la-ti-do’-do’-do’-do’-te-la-so-so). A great song for chilling out.

The black and white outfits of the duo look symbolic to me ^0^ First thing, black and white are colours in sharp contrast, so are the voices of Hwanhee and Brian. Hwanhee’s voice is deep and versatile, Brian’s, bright and solid. To have two voices so different sound in harmony is not easy. It must have taken lots of effort for the two to develop the trust and a smooth ‘partnership’. In another sense, the black and white symbolizes the balance and harmony as in the Yin/Yang concept in Chinese philosophy.


Brown Eyed Soul – “My Story”
Live in promotional concert for their new album “The wind, the sea, the rain”
at Yonsei University on 3 November 2007

Have read that BES is formed by Naul, member of the now defunct group Brown Eyes. All the new members of BES are reasonably good at singing, but it’s a bit worrying that Naul has got most parts of the song while all other members seem to be sort of relegated to comparatively minor roles. Although I like Naul’s voice best (he also demonstrates a wide vocal range, with great versatility and vocal improvisation skills), I’d like to see more of the chemistry of all the members. Can’t help thinking that Naul should go solo instead of forming a new group =) Anyways, “My Story” is an awesome R&B/Soul number. Sounds very uplifting, with warm harmony and in an unhurried tempo. Love it.







One thought on “On R&B groups…

  1. I wanted to know if you had the lyrics for “City Life” on The Brown Eyed Soul Vol.1 album Soul free. I think they are a great group and i want to know more about them . Thank you.

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