The three balladeers… First hits

성시경 – “내게 오는 길”
Sung Si Kyung – “The Road to Me”
Track 13 / Vol. 1 “처음처럼” / Apr 2001

박효신 – “해줄 수 없는 일”
Park Hyo Shin – “Things I Cannot Do for You”
Track 1 (Title track)/ Vol. 1 “해줄 수 없는 일” / Jan 2000


테이 – “사랑은… 향기를 남기고”
Tei – “Love Leaves a Scent”
Track 2 / Vol. 1 “The First Journey” / Jan 2004


There’s no doubt that all three of them have refined their singing skills over the years. Well, Tei only debuted less than 4 years ago… Still, there’s something else in their first hits that makes them sound different from what they are now, especially with SSK and PHS. Don’t know how to nail it down… Can I say the youthful energy and passion in their singing? =)







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