Soundtrack to a lost film

Tablo + Pe2ny – “White”
Track 4 / Album “Eternal Morning – Soundtrack to a Lost Film” / Released 4 Dec 2007

So it’s the same chord progression repeating over and over again, typical of Epik High’s music. I’ve always found this repetition mesmerizing, but the beauty of this piece lies in the different sounds that layer atop the piano chords.  

[For listeners who aren’t bored by attending to the details ^^] The piano chords make their first entrance, then the beat enters, with the violin tremolo giving a hint of tragic imminence. The heavy bass then forces the piano chords to retreat into the background. Although decreasing in volume, little melodies begin to emerge from the piano, which develop into a dialogue with the guitar. Another pair then enters the scene – the relentless cellos conversing with the violins playing detached notes. After the appearance of the Beijing Opera-like female voice, which sounds pretty ghostly in this context, the solo cello hijacked the violin melody, turning it into legato (playing in a connected manner). The violins then make a full-blown comeback, taking control of the legato melody/theme, interspersed with the muted female vocal which highlights the song title. The ending features a drastic thinning of texture, leaving behind the piano improvising on the chord progression, accompanied by the beat featured in the opening, supported by the plucking of the cello.  

It’s amazing how the beat blends so well with the melancholic and elegant sounding strings. An awesome, well-conceived instrumental track.








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