Sung Si Kyung & Lee So Ra – “Don’t Forget It”

성시경 & 이소라 – 잊지 말기로 해
Sung Si Kyung & Lee So Ra – “Don’t Forget It”
Live on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter (Dec 14, 2007)

Lee So Ra was such a calming presence on stage =)  She had total control of her voice – beautiful, warm tones of the mid-range, and delicate, slightly airy high notes which complemented Sung Si Kyung’s singing perfectly. It’s quite an accomplishment for any singer in her late 30s to retain such a pretty singing voice. I like especially how she harmonized softly during the chorus towards the end to allow for SSK’s main melody to stand out, but without having to hold the microphone further away nor worrying about holding the high notes properly with the reduction in volume. Her final long note was almost angelic. The applause came too soon ^^









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