More Jazz…

I’ve always enjoyed this kind of slow jazz which sounds overly romantic ^^” It’s so dreamy and relaxing though a bit unreal =P Park Hyo Shin’s voice, being deep and husky, suits this genre perfectly. I’m quite surprised by Lee Min Woo’s Valentine’s Day release. Have never thought that he would sing this type of songs… This is sooooo different from his fast, powerful dance songs. Brave attempts indeed and they’re not bad. Can’t find any music videos but here are the links to the audio samples.

박효신 – 사랑을 비우다
Park Hyo Shin – “Sa lang eul bi u da”

Track 11 / Vol. 5 “The Breeze of Sea” / Released 29 Jan 2007


M (Lee Min Woo) – “Just one more night”

Track 1 / Single “The Sentimental Reason” / Released 11 Feb 2008







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