Hopeful… yet bittersweet

테이 – 사랑은…하나다
Tei – “Sa lang eun ha na da (Love is one)”

Track 2 / Vol. 2 “Ucu Pra Cacia” / Released 1 Feb 2005


Live on SBS Inkigayo (30 Jan 2005)

Was hesitating whether to post this live performance or not. The whole scene certainly looked good though, with a live band, grand piano, full section of violins, and the beautiful solo oboe on stage. Obviously Tei was having a cold or something as he delivered the song. He sang half a key lower than the recording, and it must be really frustrating not being able to use his voice to the fullest. 

Updated on 8 Dec 2008


테이 – 홀로서기
Tei – “Hol lo seo gi (Standing alone)”

Track 6 / Vol. 3 “세번째 설레임” / Released 21 Nov 2005

Live on Mnet








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