Sweet Sorrow – Remakes…

서태지와 아이들 Seo Tai Ji & Boys – “Come back home”
Track 4 / Vol. 4 / Released 5 Oct 1995

Here’s Sweet Sorrow’s interpretation of the song, with a slow blues intro, then moving into a pop beat in a moderate tempo. Finally, they touched up the song with a more energetic beat and some exciting rapping! No wonder the audience was all hyped up =)

Live on Showvival (Nov 2007 ?)

Live at Seo TaiJi’s 15th anniversary concert


I think Sweet Sorrow was paying tribute to the host of the TV show, Kim Dong Ryul, who’s also a singer, by singing a medley of his songs. Looooove their mellow singing of 2년만에 at the beginning. Well, the bits and pieces of other songs (J’s Bar에서 – 욕심쟁이 – 사랑한다는 말) they threw in, and the constant returns of 2년만에, were hilarious ^^

김동률 – Medley… “2년만에 & more”
Kim Dong Ryul – “I nyeon mane”

Track 1 / Vol. 2 “Second Story 02 希望” / Released 16 Aug 2000

Live on “Kim Dong Ryul’s For You” (18 Jul 2006)


Blackstreet – “Happy Song (Tonite)”
Track 17 / Vol. 2 “Another Level” / Released 9 Sep 1996

Live on KBS2 (2006)


With a hint of bossa nova…

김현철 Kim Hyun Chul

춘천가는 기차 “Chun cheon ga neun gi cha (Train to Chun-cheon)”
Track 3 / Vol. 1 / Released 26 Aug 1989

연애 “Yeon ae (Lover)”
Track 1 / Vol. 7 / Released 11 May 1999

Live on MBC Showvival (13 Oct 2007)
Sweet Sorrow with Kim Hyun Chul


Backstreet Boys – “I want it that way”
Track 2 / Vol. 3 / Released 18 May 1999

이승환 – 천일동안
Lee Seung Hwan – “Cheon il dong an (For a thousand days)”
Track 1 / Vol. 4 “Human” / Released Jun 1995

It’s interesting they chose to sing a Western pop song and a Korean pop song together. Kept wondering why until the last bit where they mixed the choruses of the two songs. On another note, 천일동안 was arranged by David Campbell from the US. Perhaps that was another reason for the choice.

Live on MBC Show Survival (25 Aug 2007)


패닉 Panic
Vol. 1 “Panic” / Released 1995

달팽이 “Dal paeng i (Snail)” – Track 4
왼손잡이 “Woen son jabi (Left-handed)” – Track 6

Live on Showvival – episode 15 (2007)


강진 – 땡벌
Kang Jin – “Ddaeng Beol”
땡벌 is a Korean Trot song. Here‘s a modernised live performance.

G.O.D. – 촛불 하나 “Chod bul ha na”
Track 2 / Vol. 3 “Chapter 3” / Released 3 Nov 2000

Sweet Sorrow gave a Broadway musical performance this time. This totally caught the audience off guard. These boys are really talented =)

Live on MBC Show Survival (20 Oct 2007)









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