FT Island – Soyogi

FT Island – “Soyogi”
Track 3 / Mini album “Prologue of FT Island – Soyogi” / Released 7 June 2008

Some nice J-pop rock songs here =) “Soyogi” is much lighter in terms of the emotions carried by the song compared to their Korean first hit “Love Sick”, which probably is a reflection of a difference of taste in pop rock between J-pop and K-pop. Don’t know why it keeps occurring to me that the song could sound better if the words were better articulated, although I don’t know both languages, Japanese nor Korean =P

Another question I have is why they record “FT Island” and “Prima Donna” again with only minimal changes in arrangement and in Korean. Perhaps I should listen to the original recordings in their first Korean album again for a clue ^^”

Again my favorite track off this Japanese album isn’t the title track ^^” That’s Track 4 “Stars”, a melancholic ballad with a quiet verse yet a powerful chorus. Though I have no idea what the lyrics are about, I can hear the struggle and the hope embodied in the music itself =) I like Track 5 “A Song for You” for its simple, quiet arrangement. Reminds me of an old song by Chemistry. Just an imperfection here – Doesn’t this pretty love ballad deserve the use of real strings? Sigh*


Live @ FAB Event, Japan (16 May 2008)

Live on KNTV @ Tower Records, Tokyo (11 Jun 2008)

Audio sample

Live – Mini album release event @ Liquid Room, Ebisu, Tokyo (6 Jun 2008)

“Always be mine” (i.e. English version of “First kiss”) & “Stars”
Live on Yokohama Livehouse Tour (2008)

It was a total waste that they sang “Stars” half a key lower in their live gigs. The main vocal was largely undermined in the verses. The bridge is meant to take the song to another level, instilling a more hopeful feeling to the song, which takes on an overall sad mood. The transition was badly done to my disappointment. The vocal sounded so unsure there because of the lowered key. FT Island have certainly improved since their debut as they gained more experience on stage. However, there is still a long way to go for they have to make their own artistic decisions concerning not just interpretation during studio recording, but also how they deliver their music to the audience live.

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