Kim Dong Ryul – Some old school hits

After hearing Sweet Sorrow’s performance of his songs in a medley, I’ve been trying to figure out what the individual songs are.

Kim Dong Ryul’s first album was released in 1998, so he’s been around in the music scene for 10 years already. I’ve missed out so much on his great ballads as I only got to know about him very recently. Kim penned many of his songs – both the music and lyrics. I’m especially impressed by the elegant-sounding arrangement of the slow, romantic ballads, and the employment of full string orchestra.

Wondering if there’s any chance to get back copies of his old releases… Anyways, here are the audio samples of the two songs I managed to find online =)

김동률 – 2년만에
Kim Dong Ryul – “I nyeon mane”

Track 1 / Vol. 2 “Second Story 02 希望 희망” / Released 16 Aug 2000

Audio sample


김동률 – 사랑한다는 말
Kim Dong Ryul – “Sa lang han da neun mal (Saying I love you)”

Track 1 / Vol. 3 “歸鄕 귀향” / Released 26 Oct 2001

Audio sample









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