Hong Kyung Min – “Come back, come back”

홍경민 – 돌아와 돌아와 (Feat. 마이티 마우스)
Hong Kyung Min – “Tola wa tola wa (Come back, come back)” (feat. Mighty Mouth)

Track 1 / Vol. 9 “Keep Going” / Released 27 Jun 2008

Wow. A dance track from Hong Kyung Min. Okay, this can’t be compared to the fashionable R&B dance numbers of Super Junior or the house/techno-influenced songs of Big Bang, but it’s still worthy of listening given its quality arrangement (I like especially the energetic violins) and catchy tune. Actually, I think this kind of dance music suits Hong Kyung Min very well =) Nonetheless, Mighty Mouth’s rapping does make a difference. At least, it doesn’t sound old-fashioned to me ^^”


홍경민 – 감사
Live on YDH Love Letter (2008)









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