Lee Hyo Ri – “U-Go-Girl” feat. Nassun

이효리 Lee Hyo Ri
Track 1 천하무적 이효리 Cheon ha mu jeog I Hyo Li / The invincible Lee Hyo Ri
Track 3 U-Go-Girl (feat. 낯선 Nassun)
Vol. 3 “It’s Hyorish” / Released 14 Jul 2008

Live on KBS2 Music Bank Comeback Stage (18 Jul 2008)

MV – “U-Go-Girl” with English subtitles

While being aware of the sex appeal, I’d still give credit to Lee Hyo Ri’s new songs. “U-Go-Girl”‘s got cool beats, variety and transitions that go well with the choreography. There are difficult dance moves which the artiste must be talented enough and have paid much effort in order to give such an entertaining performance. What’s more, the artiste sang live to the vigorous dancing. Still, from an Asian female perspective, I hope to see female artistes dress in something more than a bra-top on screen…





In fact, her singing voice’s not bad – See 지붕 위의 고양이 (feat. 정재형, from Off The Rec. Hyolee).


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