G.O.D. – Selections from Volume 1

지오디 G.O.D.
Vol. 1 “G.O.D. Chapter One” / Released Jan 1999


“어머님께 Eo meo nim gge (To my mother)”
Track 6
MV with English subtitles

MV with better quality
Live on MBC

A simple song. It’s definitely the lyrics that touch many people’s hearts.
“관찰 Gwan chal (Observation)”
Track 2

The MV’s fun to watch =)  Though I’m not particularly into 80s electropop, the song is interesting enough for me as you listen to how it samples Yazoo‘s “Don’t Go”.

Reference: http://rells.kr/83


“약속 Yag sog (A date)”
Track 8

I’m not sure if I’ve translated the song title right ^^” Sounds like original early 70s disco, employing mainly real instruments but with an exciting, synthesized drum beat. The rap fits in the song really well. I like this track best =)



G.O.D. – Volume 1

G.O.D. – wikipedia in Korean

G.O.D. – Artiste Info in KBS World website







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