G.O.D. – Selections from Volume 2

지오디 G.O.D.
Vol. 2 “Exit, 20th Century – Enter the 21st” / Released 25 Nov 1999


“사랑해 그리고 기억해 Sa lang hae geu li go gi eog hae (I love you and I remember you)”
Track 2


Live on MBC Music Camp


“애수 Ae su (Sorrow)”
Track 7

Live at Dream Concert 2000
Lip-sync performance but with better quality

Live on KBS2 Music Bank
The quality of the video’s not that good but great live singing nonetheless =)  


“Friday night”
Track 9

My favorite track in this album =) …The bass guitar is really cool and the raps allow different members’ voices to stand out. Danny Ahn’s voice is in the medium range. His relaxed, casual style of rapping is followed by Yoon Kye Sang and Sohn Ho Young, whose voices are in a higher range. But then you can easily tell the difference between Yoon’s and Sohn’s voices, as Yoon’s is bright and solid while Sohn’s crisp and more flexible. And they are in stark contrast with Park Joo Hyung’s really low voice. Of course, Kim Tae Woo’s vocal is just terrific ^-^  Love his soft, tender singing here and the upward sliding notes especially =b

All three performances posted below are fanstastic, in my opinion, but…

This one’s got the best sound quality:

This one’s got the best picture quality:

And this one’s got the best views for the choreography:



G.O.D. – Volume 2


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