Shinji – “Sunny Day”

신지 – 해뜰날 with 마이티마우스
Shin Ji of Koyote – “Hae ddeul nal (Sunny Day)” (feat. Mighty Mouth)

Track 1 / Vol. 1 “해뜰날 ” / Released 17 Jul 2008

Live on Mnet MCountdown (17 Jul 2008)

I’m actually quite surprised to find viewers on Youtube saying they like the song =) One comment reads, “This sounds so Chinese”. Being Chinese myself, my first reaction was “The song sounds so old-fashioned” ^^” But then, with Shin Ji’s strong vocal and the thoughtful arrangement, the song seems to appeal to the younger generation too.


It’s not just giving the melody a party dance beat. I like especially how the back vocals harmonize the chorus – simple, full chordal harmony – and having the toasting / chanting in the traditional pentatonic scale. Mighty Mouth certainly knows how to do the job right =) In fact, both Chinese and Koreans share the same pentatonic scale in their traditional folk music. Many old folk tunes were composed using the five tones in the scale, i.e. the solfa names – do, re, mi, so, la. The scale is used in “해뜰날” too, therefore, Mighty Mouth’s toasting based on the scale is appropriately used, and well done.

Original singer: 송대관 Song Dae Kwan 宋大琯
Album “해뜰날” released 1975

On an extra note:
This pentatonic scale sounds very major-ish, when you think of it using the concept of Western music, putting traditional folk tunes generally in a happy mood. Japanese have a different set of tones for their pentatonic scale, which is do, me, fa, la, ti. This sounds closer to the Western minor scale, and so, Japanese folk tunes tend to sound more melancholic.







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