Lee Min Woo – “남자를 믿지마”

이민우 – 남자를 믿지마
Lee Min Woo / M – “Nam ja leul mid ji ma” (feat. Big Tone)

Track 2 / Vol. 4 “M Rizing” / Released 23 Sep 2008

Sounds similar to Tae Yang’s “Look at only me”, but then “Look at only me” has got a stronger tune, more interesting arrangement (I like especially the sound effects of the drop-out part), and choreography which is more expressive. “Nam ja leul mid ji ma” is certainly not as strong as “Stomp” or “The M Style” as in Min Woo’s third album. This is especially the case as it was released after Tae Yang’s first hit. Seems like Hye Sung’s doing a better job with his recent release. I find his rock ballads “Because of you” and “Awaken” very enjoyable =) These tracks should sell well in Japan too, I guess ^^”  Hope Min Woo’s got a stronger second plug…







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