TVXQ – Mirotic

동방신기 – 주문 (MIROTIC)
Dong Bang Shin Gi / TVXQ – “Ju Mun MIROTIC (Spell)”
Track 1 / Vol. 4 “The 4th album – MIROTIC” / Released 26 Sep 2008


high quality

I don’t like the song. Definitely not the album that I will buy to listen to. It doesn’t sound like Kpop… there isn’t much melody in the song – or I should say, the melody isn’t going anywhere. The beat serves as the only point of interest, and provides the basis for the exciting choreography.

Live on SBS Inkigayo (28 Sep 2008)

Live on Mnet MCountdown (9 Oct 2008)

Updated on 8 Dec 2008

MIROTIC is TVXQ’s fourth Korean studio album, released on September 26th, 2008. The album had been in production since 2007, but the title was not decided upon until January 2008.

The choreography of 주문 (MIROTIC), the title track of the album, was done in a collaboration between Korean choreographers and Kenny Wormald, who’d also worked with pop stars Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Christina Aguilera.

The song is a “reverse beat” track, meaning that the bass beat is either a half beat or a whole beat late in coming into a new phrase. While in most genres of music, the bass note comes in directly on the first beat of the measure in setting the chord of the phrase, reverse beat songs alter this usual method. In doing so, the reverse beat genre is said to have an effect of “growing on” the listener, having an addictive sound.

“MIROTIC” is a newly coined term, created by Hero JaeJoong, that combines the Korean MIRO (미로), meaning “maze”, and the English suffix “-tic”.

The title song was composed by the Danish producers, Remee, Lucas Secon and Thomas Troelsen. The German singer, Sarah Connor, also bought the copyright to the song (not specified when). She released her version of the song, “Under My Skin”, on August 1st. This resulted in some controversy, mainly due to some listeners believing that TVXQ had “covered”, “plagiarized”, or “sampled” Connor’s song. However, SM Entertainment has disclosed that TVXQ had finished recording the song in June 2008 (two months prior to Connor’s release) and that the Danish producers had sold the song as a 50/50 deal (Connor is supposed to receive her copyright for Europe while TVXQ is supposed to receive their copyright for Asia). Therefore, neither of the two songs are “covers” nor “samples” of each other.

Despite the fact that the two original songs were the same composed piece, they have musical differences (TVXQ’s version has a rap and multi-layered harmonies while Connor’s has a bridge; the melodies in the chorus also differ).

Sarah Connor – “Under My Skin”







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