Park Hyo Shin – “The Castle of Zoltar”

박효신 Park Hyo Shin – “The Castle of Zoltar”

Track 2 / Album “Hwang Project Vol.1 – Welcome to the Fantastic World” / Released 20 Nov 2008

Live on KBS2 Lee Hana’s Peppermint (21 Nov 2008)

…with English subtitles

I would’ve got up and danced if I were in the audience ^O^ A pleasant surprise from Park Hyo Shin, bringing us such an upbeat song in the winter season. Park Hyo Shin has been famous for singing ballads ever since he started his singing career, and I am really impressed by his new endeavours. Style of the song reminds me of 8eight and Brown Eyes. Can’t really think of anyone else who can pull off a better performance than PHS… His relaxed singing matched the light-hearted and energetic mood of the song perfectly… And he just knew when to add depth and tension to a note, when to let it melt away, and when to give it power. Soulful and exuberant singing. What more can I say ^^” 

Look how the audience was thrilled at Park Hyo Shin’s first comeback performance. On the contrary, I didn’t feel anything about Tei’s “Miracle-like Story” nor Lee Soo Young’s “That Woman”… coz they just sound exactly like their previous hits. Popular boy groups do tend to appeal to the audience by their cool dancing and good looks, but those which have good record sales definitely have songs good enough for people to look forward to and feel it’s worthy of spending on something refreshing and novel to the ears. With no dancing or sexy image to distract our attention, ballad singers solely rely on their voices and music itself. Well, but does the voice itself mean anything without the music?


Hey ye…

회색빛깔 도시위로
Hoe saeg bich ggal do shi wi lo
붉은빛이 떠오르고
Bulgeun bichi ddeo o leu go
로봇같은 사람들은 빠르게 가고
Robot gateun sa lam deuleun bba leu ge ga go

어느날부터 멈춰있던 내 심장에 박힌 태엽도
Eo neu nal bu teo meom chwo idd deon nae
shim jang e baghin tae yeob do
알수없는 힘에 끌려 돌아가고있어
Al su eobd neun hime ggeul lyeo dola ga go isseo

Hey ye…

먼지로 자욱한 내 속에 기억에 조각을 찾고
Meon ji lo ja ughan nae soge
gi eoge jo gageul chaj go
부러졌던 날개를 붙여 날아봐
Bu leo jyeodd deon nal ge leul but yeo nala bwa

I will make it
하늘보다 더 높이 날아가고 싶어
Ha neul bo da deo nopi nala ga go shipeo
자유를 느껴봐
Cha yu leul neu ggyeo bwa
내안에 shining life
Nae ane shining life

힘이들땐 구름위에 올라
Himi deul ddaen gu leum wi e ol la
발아래 세상을 봐 내가 바라본 이곳보다
Bala lae se sang eul bwa nae ga ba la bon i god bo da
아름다운건 없을껄 Shining star
A leum da un geon eobseul ggeol shining star

하얗게 물든 꿈결속에
Ha yang ge mul deun ggum gyeol soge
zolta의상자를 보았지
zoltar ui sang ja leul bo add ji
어릴적 내 소원들중 어떤걸 원해
Eo lil jeog nae so won deul jung eo ddeon geol wonhae

시간이 흘러서
Shi gani heul leo seo
어른이 된 지금난
Eo leuni doen ji geum nan
날 지켜줄 널 찾겠어
Nal ji kyeo jul neol chaj gesseo

I will make it
바람보다 더 빨리
Pa lam bo da deo bbal li
Tal lyeo ga go shipeo
세상을 가져봐
Se sang eul ga chyeo bwa
날위해 shining life
Nal wi hae shining life

힘이들땐 언덕위를 올라
Himi deul ddaen eon deog wi leul ol la
달려와 세상을봐
Tal lyeo wa se sang eul bwa
내가 서있는 이곳만큼 아름다운건 없을까 shining star
Nae ga seo idd neun i god man keum
a leum da un eon eobseul gga shining star

I will make it 
하늘보다 더 높이 날아가고싶어
Ha neul bo da deo nopi nala ga go shipeo
자유를 느껴봐
Cha yu leul neu ggyeo bwa
내 안에 shining life
Nae ane shining life

힘이들땐 구름위에 올라
Himi deul ddaen gu leum wi e ol la
발아래 세상을 봐
Bala lae se sang eul bwa
내가 바라본 이곳보다 아름다운건 없을까 shining star
Nae ga ba la bon i god bo da
a leum da un geon eobseul gga shining star

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Romanization by

Updated on 8 Dec 2008

Balladeer Park Hyo-shin Comes Back

Ballad Prince Park Hyo-shin makes his comeback after a two-year hiatus with lively band music. His agency has announced that Park has joined a project band called “The Hwang Project” and worked to release the single album titled “Welcome to the Fantastic World.” This album has been released first on online music sites.

“The Hwang Project” is an innovative band composed of Korea’s three top songwriters and producers with the surname Hwang – Hwang Se-june, Hwang Sung-je, and Hwang Chan-hee. The band plans to invite a top singer to join them for each album, and Park was given the honor of being their first guest vocalist.

The album’s title song “The Castle of Zoltar” is about chasing a childhood dream through Zoltar, a fortune-telling machine featured in the film “Big” with Tom Hanks. The album also includes a medium tempo love song “The Last Goodbye.” This single album will go on sale on November 24th.









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