TVXQ – “Don’t Forget”

東方神起 – “忘れないで”
Track 3 / Single “Bolero” / Released 21 Jan 2009

Fanmade MV

DBSK always has the best songs. There are no B-sides to this single, really. “Bolero” (Track 1) is outstanding, with its serious tone and unusual compound duple meter (6/8 time), which is the beat for the Bolero dance. Both “Kiss the baby sky” (Track 2) and “忘れないで” (Track 3) have retro arrangements, reminiscent of 90s pop. Yoo Chun has got a nice tune for “Kiss the baby sky” and 井上慎二郎’s arrangement makes the song come alive. The drum beats are all exuberant and irresistable to tap along to.

“忘れないで” is my favourite Tohoshinki’s ballad after “Forever Love”. Beautiful melodies throughout. I like the verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge too ^^”. The strings sound so elegant, although mostly supporting in the background, you can’t help being drawn to them. Must be costly to get such good strings players for the recording… It’s funny how the very low electronic bass and the odd electronic drum machine sounds of the 90s intersperses at the mid sections. I like especially how the song ends with the high notes of the violins, which would have concluded nicely playing soh, but instead climbs up to re’. The arranger Kim Young Hu did a good job. Nice collaboration between him and Jae Joong.







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