나비 Navi

Judging from her two singles, you can tell Navi is good R&B singer with her solid and expressive singing. However, both songs are just so common that easily escape people’s attention. “I got a broken heart” sounds like Seeya and “I love you” is similar to 8eight. It’s her covers of others’ hits that should not be missed.

마음이 다쳐서 (Feat. Crown J)
“Ma eumi da chyeo seo (I got a broken heart)”
Track 1 / Digital Single “마음이 다쳐서” / Released 7 Apr 2009

Live on Mnet MCountdown (21 May 2009) (feat. Jay and Taec of 2PM)

“I Love You (Rap Ver.) (Feat. 타블로 Tablo)”
Track 3 / Single “I Luv U” / Released 4 Apr 2008


2PM – “Again & Again”
Super Junior – “Sorry Sorry”
Live on KBS2 Showvival – Super Rookie (16 May 2009)

“Over the Rainbow”
Live on Mnet Madam B’s Salon (Dec 2008)

Alicia Keys – “If I ain’t got you”
Lee Seung Chul – “Shout”
Live on SBS Gorilla Radio (20 May 2009)

G.O.D. – “Dear Mom” remix

Alicia Keys – “Fallin'”









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