“A whole new world” cover

Park Hyo Shin & Ann

Brian & Ivy

Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun & Charice Pempengco

JK Kim Dong Wook & Lena Park

Xiah Junsu & BoA

The original by Brad Kane & Lea Salonga

What’s so special about the original, is the passion put into singing the emotions carried by the music. When there are so many skilled singers out there, it’s really the passion that stands out.

I like the covers too. Brian and Ivy’s version probably sounds closest to the original in terms of the quality of their singing voices. I was turned off by Charice’s showing off of her singing skills, though I like Kyu Hyun’s voice a lot =) I found Kim Dong Wook’s voice very unnatural… He sounded like a muted trumpet =b (Not to say that the concert organizers should have employed better brass players.) Would like to hear Park Hyo Shin and Lena Park sing the song instead.



4 thoughts on ““A whole new world” cover

  1. It seems a lot of people misinterpret Charice’s confidence as ‘showing off’. It’s more like a girl who can’t contain her bubbly enthusiasm for singing. This girl really loves singing and for her to simply contain or hide her singing ability simply does not cut it in the music world. That’s the reason why Charice was discovered and acknowledged by legendary music industry figures as the next big thing. She is now on the brink of superstardom in the U.S. and the rest of the world. This is a proud moment indeed for all Asians. Charice’s legions of fans around the world is a testament to this. Also, I don’t think anyone in the crowd or the judges panel ever thought of this girl as ‘showing off’. I doubt it. They were all awed in fact. In the near future, I am certain that Kyu Hyun will be proud to proclaim that “I was able to sing a duet with Charice”.

  2. Well, Charice didn’t seem like she was showing off to me. It IS after all, a CONTEST/VARIETY SHOW. What do you expect her to do? Say “No I can’t sing or else people watching will think I’m showing off”? C’mon now, be realistic. If you misinterpreted her intentions, go watch a few more videos of her on YouTube. To me, she seems humble, both on & off the stage. I’ve never thought that she was showing off or boastful. She just really seems like she has this amazing passion for singing. MORE POWER TO YOU CHARICE. Keep up what you’re doing. We all can’t wait to hear what you have in store for all of your fans around the world.

  3. Lea Salonga is also from the Philippines, but I like her interpretation of the song a lot more. To me, it’s the singing which counts, not the singer’s nationality.

    I’m not Charice’s fan or anti-fan. It’s just that I do not find her “enthusiasm” in singing as pleasant as others might. I’m just writing my music reviews, which any artiste might be subjected to criticism or praise.

    In Charice’s duet with Kyu Hyun, I was pretty annoyed by her elaborative ad lib at the end of the song. It was apparent to the audience that she sang well, and it was unnecessary to outshine Kyu Hyun, to do a much longer and “sinewy” ad lib than he did. I don’t know if Kyu Hyun really felt proud about this duet, but I won’t be surprised if he felt annoyed.

    It’s nice to know that there are people reading my blog, really. I wrote my reviews without expecting people to read and even take the trouble to comment. I wrote for my own reference, so I could always go back to this blog to listen to my favorite songs. I believe in my own judgment, based purely on merits of the composer, arranger and artiste. It’s interesting to know that my readers see things differently, but I’ll stay true to writing what I really think. It’s okay to disagree – coz I’m not writing for money, so I don’t need to please my readers =b I’ll keep posting performances I like, perhaps not what most people like though ^^”

  4. Thank you for upload the covers and original. Lea is very super. In the age of youtube, the number of the hits on each video tell the truth.Lea’s version 1,225,868 hits,no match. Brian &ivy 56,113 hits since07/9/25,Kyu Hyun & Charice 113,193 hits since 07/10/13,Ann 106,559hits since 06/01/31,Lena low hit since09/5/3.
    By those figures,I know Charice & Kyu Hyun duet is the best cover among korean shows.
    read up “charice,wikipedia” to see what you have missed about her. Show business is a showing off your talent biz. In Star King, she show off she can sing,dance,have fun too that’s why she got noticed in Hollywood. if she did not do that,we will not know her exsited today.

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