TVXQ – “Stop the time”

A lovely Japanese ballad, taking after their previous winter single “Forever Love”, which has yet to release. Would really like to see them perform the song live, but we just don’t know if they will stay together in the end.

Personally, I think SM Entertainment has the best songwriters in Korea. If they really leave the company, they will lose all the hits to their juniors in SME. All other big record labels have their own boy groups to promote. If they want to set up their own company, they will need to have their own batch of top notch composers work for them, in order to succeed like Rain. Compare recent hits from DBSK and SS501. “Purple Line” and “Mirotic” sound much more interesting than “Ur Man” and “Love like this” for me. Their album sales also say a lot. Having the best songwriters is very important.

Leaving SME will surely affect their career in Korea. All I hope is both parties manage to strike a deal which is acceptable to everyone. It’s best for the company to revise all contracts with its artistes to avoid more lawsuits coming. But look, SME is already pushing SHINee to the China market soon after news of Han Kyung broke. From the company’s point of view, Super Junior (at least, KRY) will be able to make it as big as TVXQ in the end. Because every group it produced was given the same formula to success – catchy tune, cool dance and the right amount of media exposure. From H.O.T. to SHinhwa, Fly to the Sky to TVXQ, Super Junior to SHINee, has any boy groups SME produced failed?

My speculation would be that the trio left SME, with the group releasing only Japanese songs only. Well, their Japanese releases aren’t bad at all, so at least, it’s better than a disbandment. In attempt to curb further lawsuits against the management, it’s likely that SME will not bow to its artistes’ demand, no matter how fair and reasonable that is. No problems to the trio. They will fare well sticking together or going solo. Hope SME will let the remaining duo lead a new group, like Yamashita Tomohisa to NEWS, as a reward for their loyalty.

Although I am not a fan, I wish for them to stay together. There is a reason why the company put them together in the first place – They complement one another.



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