Nell – “The Ending”

Nell’s latest 5th studio album is a gem. It is not that I like to indulge in calming but depressing music, it is just that Nell’s 5th album is so much of an upgrade of their usual musical style. The songs have better melodies, the rhythmic structure and the sounds they use are also more interesting. It is a bold statement to write songs in irregular time signature. It is totally unconventional and may not be readily acceptable to the taste of most pop listeners. But this one sounds sooooo good.

The 7/8 time is an essential contribution to the feeling of instability and imbalance of the song. And this helps deliver the impact of heartbreak and disappointment very well. I always have this picture in my head – an injured soldier limping along – whenever I hear this song =)

So if the opening electric guitar, circling within the melodic range of 2nd and 3rd,  is the dead end, the drum set is an injured soldier limping along, the sparse notes of the keyboard are the distant sounds you hear on the battlefield, the harsh electronic mass of sounds is your overwhelming emotion, the splashes of drums and cymbals towards the end are the bombs, is break up a battle? ^^”

I always go back to this album for the sad songs. They are very well written and addictive.

Nell 넬 / Vol. 5 ” Slip Away” / Track 1 / Released April 2012


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