Fly to the Sky – “You You You”

I am so glad to have them back. Fly to the Sky was my first love when I was first introduced to Kpop back in 2005. Fly to the Sky debuted in 1999 as idols with sharp-colored dyed hair and great dance skills, but they were a rare combination promoted by SM Entertainment as a duo. When I try to explain to the very fervent teenage kpop fans in Hong Kong about Fly to the Sky, I say, “You know EXO, right? Before EXO, there was SHINee. Before SHINee, there was Super Junior, and before Super Junior, there was TVXQ. Before TVXQ, there was Fly to the Sky.” ^^”

What is great about their new album is that the majority of the songs is good. Despite the fact that they are no longer the young idols at the peak of popularity, they still get the good songs. No wonder they thanked the composer of this title track on stage when they won the weekly award on MBC Music Core.

Live on SBS Inkigayo on 1 Jun 2014

I still feel a little sad when I come across comments on Youtube comparing Hwanhee and Brian. Brian does appear to be quite self conscious and a little anxious during live performances even now. I guess being compared all the time contributes to that, but all I want to say is, just relax and enjoy your music =) Not because I am a die hard fan of any sort, nor am I trying to be polite, I just believe that Brian’s singing is lovely in his own way. All he needs is to relax and do some vocal warm up before performances ^^”

Fly to the Sky have been in the kpop music scene for more than ten years, the audience knows the two different voices very well. Hwanhee is known for his deep and versatile voice while Brian is blessed with a beautiful bright and clear voice. The beauty of Fly to the Sky lies in how the two very different voices complement each other. And their signature R&B ballads. And their handsome looks, of course =b

플라이 투 더 스카이 – “너를 너를 너를”
Track 1 / Vol. 9 “Continuum” / Released 20 May 2014
Composed by Lee Sang In (이상인) / Lyrics by Lee Sang In / Arranged by Lee Sang In


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