Infinite – “Last Romeo”

Not a bad song. The tune is very catchy and upbeat and likeable, but the arrangement certainly lacks those little sparks that set Infinite’s songs apart from those of the other boy groups out there. The conventional band sound and lack of electronic sound effects is so unlike Infinite ><” The song could be given to CNBlue, and I would have enjoyed it as much with their live band performance, without the dance.

I so fear that this is the result of personnel changes in their music production team, as Woollim Entertainment has been acquired by SM in recent months. Such fear is not unfounded given how Epik High changed their sound after they signed on to YG. I look up the production team behind “Last Romeo” and I am surprised that it is basically the same team behind “내꺼하자“. I believe it is purely an artistic choice of the production team to pick a softer, conventional sound with the drum set and electric guitars in the foreground, decorated with brass ensemble, strings and piano during the transitions, with minimal electronic effects. So unlike their previous songs… Still the production team holds up the very high quality they set out.

Live on Mnet MCountdown on 22 May 2014

인피니트 – “라스트 로미오”
Track 2 / Vol. 2 “Season 2” / Released 21 May 2014
Composed by Han Jae Ho (한재호) and Kim Seung Su (김승수) / Lyrics by Song Su Yun (송수윤) / Arranged by Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Su and Hong Seung Hyeon (홍승현)


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