Nell – “The Ending”

Nell’s latest 5th studio album is a gem. It is not that I like to indulge in calming but depressing music, it is just that Nell’s 5th album is so much of an upgrade of their usual musical style. The songs have better melodies, the rhythmic structure and the sounds they use are also more interesting. It is a […]

TVXQ – “Magic Castle”

It has been almost three years since I last wrote. One reason for not posting is that youtube videos are constantly being taken down, so what I say about the music becomes meaningless if readers (if any) do not have access to the songs. But still, I will just say what I want to say, even if no one reads it ^^, since […]

TVXQ – “Stop the time”

A lovely Japanese ballad, taking after their previous winter single “Forever Love”, which has yet to release. Would really like to see them perform the song live, but we just don’t know if they will stay together in the end. Personally, I think SM Entertainment has the best songwriters in Korea. If they really leave […]